Meet the great minds
behind SuperCamp

The SuperCamp founders Bobbi Deporter, Joe Chapon, Dr Cheyenne, and Henry Teh

Bobbi Deporter
Founder & President​

Bobbi DePorter is the Founder and President of Learning Forum International, a non-profit educational organisation; the mastermind behind the highly successful character education tool, The 8 Keys of Excellence; and a trailblazing innovator with over four decades of experience in education. 

She has authored more than a dozen books and has been a pioneering force in bringing accelerated learning techniques to students around the world.

DePorter's career began when she co-founded a business school while working in real estate. Recognising the power of accelerated learning then, she founded SuperCamp in 1982 to help children realise their full potential. Today, SuperCamp has successfully graduated over 80,000 students worldwide.

She continues to lead the way in offering training to youth, educators and businesses worldwide. She attended the University of Washington and the University of Southern California. Her learning, life skills and character education programmes have impacted more than 20 million young people worldwide.

Joe Chapon
Vice President

Joe Chapon, Vice President of Quantum Learning Network, brings decades of experience in designing and managing personnel management programmes for corporations and organisations worldwide. He oversees the strategic planning and financial management of SuperCamp and has been on the Learning Forum International Board of Directors since 1989.

Chapon's impressive career includes past roles as Program Director of Training and Planning for Gulf and Western Industries; President of Indonesian American Housing Projects; Project Manager for Personnel at Parsons Saudi Arabia; and Training Officer for the Peace Corps in the South Pacific Region.

He is a graduate of Kent State University and is married to Bobbi DePorter. 

Dr Cheyenne Correia-Foster
Chief Transformation Officer

Dr Cheyenne Correia-Foster has dedicated over two decades to developing and delivering impactful programmes that unlock personal and collective growth for students, educators, and parents worldwide. Her 19 years of classroom experience laid the foundation for her passion for Social & Emotional Development, and since then, she has infused her expertise in neuroscience, counselling pedagogies and leadership values into her programmes, inspiring participants to reach their full potential.

A self-described "learning addict," Dr Correia-Foster holds an impressive educational background, including a B.A. in Education; a Master's Degree in Diversity and Inclusion, Curriculum and Instruction and Counseling; and a Doctorate in Naturopathic Wellness. She recently completed her PhD in Industrial and Organisational Psychology, focusing on Social and Emotional Development.

She has been recognised as the State Teacher of the Year (Utah), Las Vegas Cannery Teacher of the Year, and for Excellence in Education from Education 2.0 for her work with Social and Emotional Development programming. Her commitment to unlocking the full potential of individuals and organisations has earned her an esteemed reputation as a leading expert in the field.

Mark Steven Reardon
Chief Excellence Officer, Master Trainer and

Reardon first experienced the power of accelerated learning during the summer of 1986. He’s since spent four decades building his career as a teacher, mentor, principal, curriculum and program designer, author, speaker and CEO around these strategies. 

His focus is on finding the most effective ways to learn, facilitate and lead. He combines his expertise in instructional design and delivery, with the neuroscience of cognitive and emotional processing, as well as the psychology of motivation and behaviour change.

He has a B.A. in Psychology and Religion from California Lutheran University, a teaching credential from Biola University, and a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from California State University, Fullerton. He is also a faculty member for the Masters in Educational Leadership at California State University, San Marcos, where he mentors aspiring principals.

With his vast experience and expertise, Reardon is steadfast in amplifying the capacity of leaders to inspire, equip, and empower people to take positive action, all while staying up-to-date with the latest learning strategies and trends.

Henry Teh
SuperCamp Director and Organiser, Malaysia

A highly accomplished problem-solver, Teh is the former Project Director of SuperCamp in Bali, Indonesia. Prior to that, he was a Director at Green Camp, an affiliation of Green School in Bali.

With a career spanning investments, management, future and digital businesses, coaching, and sustainability, Teh has extensive experience in tackling complex organisational challenges and transforming them into opportunities.

As the Country Leader for World Cleanup Day (WCD) and Lead of the World Kindness Movement with the Malaysian Humanitarian Foundation (MHF), he supports Malaysian students with grants or scholarships to attend SuperCamps in Malaysia. And the one constant throughout his career? His commitment to making a positive impact on society and inspiring others to do the same.

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