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Our teen’s world and the world in which we grew up is not the same; it’s different in so many ways. And yet the fundamentalsof raising healthy, positive children remain the same ...

Date: 03 - 05 May 2024
Venue: Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur

The 2024 Parent Camp in Malaysia offers a transformative three-day experience designed to in-power families through a unique combination of self discovery, communication strategies, and neuroscience-based learning.


Participants will embark on an internal journey of ‘In-Power-Meant’, discovering new facets of themselves and their parenting approach.


is a cornerstone of the program, where parents learn effective strategies to improve dialogue with their children, fostering a deeper understanding and stronger relationships.

The camp

is underpinned by the ‘8 Keys of Excellence’, principles that guide personal and family growth, encouraging values like integrity, balance, and commitment.


of the program is the focus on amygdala reset strategies, offering parents tools to manage stress and emotional responses, crucial for maintaining a positive and nurturing home environment.


Connection & Character

In this three-day-two-night session, you’ll gain the mindset and strategies you need to empower your children to take greater ownership and responsibility and equip them to be resilient in these rapidly changing times.

You’ll be surrounded by other parents who care deeply about their children and desire to do their very best, as your facilitator guides you to build better relationships and develop your child’s character.

Questions we will explore include:

  • How do I help my young person better cope and be more resilient?
  • What can I do to guide my child through challenging times?
  • How can I strengthen the connection with my teen?
  • How can I instill core values that will both sustain my teen through challenging times and be a foundation for the rest of their lives?
  • How to get my kids to communicate openly
  • How to communicate my expectations in ways that develop their sense of responsibility?
  • Listen so that they know you understand
  • Communicate your expectations in ways that develop their sense of responsibility
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