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Junior Camp

Ages 11-13 (Grades 6-8)
5/7/10-Day Programme

A camp that empowers young minds to take charge of their learning, develop self-esteem, and build positive relationships, fostering accelerated growth in academics and personal development.

The Junior Camp is designed to inspire and empower new and soon-to-be teens. We focus on cultivating responsibility for self, learning, and relationships; building self-esteem based on self-acceptance; and developing crucial skills such as reading comprehension and time management.


The graduates of this programme are proven to be more adaptable and agile, more resilient, and more goal-focused. They leave camp with a fuller and more nuanced perspective of the world, are better able to collaborate with people from different cultures and communicate more effectively with their parents.

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Senior Camp

Ages 14-18 (Grades 9-12)
5/7/10-Day Programme

Grounded in a personalized framework for growth and learning, this is a transformative experience for self-motivated high school students aiming to excel both academically and personally.

As high schoolers navigate increasing pressures, the importance of academic excellence alone has diminished in distinguishing themselves and securing college admissions. Simultaneously, parents grapple with motivating their children and guiding them toward a successful future.


Our Senior Camp addresses these challenges by providing students with a well-established path towards growth and success. We focus on cultivating their sense of identity, independence, leadership, responsibility, and various essential skills such as learning modalities, memory techniques, test preparation, time management, decision-making, problem-solving, speed reading, and comprehension.

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Quantum Academy

Ages 17-20 (Grades 12 - College)
7-Day Programme

Our nonresidential programme provides targeted development for academic and personal growth skills, equipping students with essential tools to excel in education and beyond.

We empower high-schoolers and college students to take responsibility for their learning and growth. Through a personalised growth plan, we provide a framework that outlines achievable goals and concrete action steps, fostering essential support systems for success.


Our comprehensive guidance covers essential aspects such as time and money management, developing productive habits, fostering positive relationships, building leadership capabilities, managing social stressors and navigating the challenges of living with roommates.

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Leadership & Teams

Using similar Quantum Learning methodologies, we offer expert training and coaching for leaders to foster optimal organisational culture, communication, and innovative initiatives.​

Integrative Leadership for Leaders 

This game-changing programme empowers leaders to excel from the inside out. 

Our approach, which focuses on the Essential Cycle - Internal, External, Impact, and Elevate - allows leaders discover their authentic selves, assess the impact of their leadership, and elevate overall team performance.

Cultivating Connections for Teams 

Through a comprehensive curriculum that emphasises communication, productivity and emotional intelligence, our programme enables teams to achieve their goals while promoting individual growth and development.

Whether you're a seasoned executive or a rising star in your industry, this programme offers the insights and strategies you need to build a cohesive and high-performing team.

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In this three-day-two-night session, you’ll gain the mindset and strategies you need to empower your children to take greater ownership and responsibility and equip them to be resilient in these rapidly changing times.

You will be surrounded by other parents who care deeply about their children as well, as you explore how best to build better relationships with your children amidst developing their character.

Questions we will explore include:

  • How do I help my young person better cope and be more resilient?
  • What can I do to guide my child through challenging times?
  • How can I strengthen the connection with my teen?
  • How can I instill core values that will both sustain my teen through challenging times and be a foundation for the rest of their lives?
  • How to get my kids to communicate openly
  • How to communicate my expectations in ways that develop their sense of responsibility?
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Camp Dates




03 - 05

May 2024

Parent Camp

17 - 21

Dec 2024

Super Camp

SuperCamp 2023 Highlights

Date: 18 – 22 December 2023
Venue: Broga Hill, Selangor


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